Diet or not diet to lose weight?

Healthy slimming, eat your fill and enjoy
Slim without dieting? Effective and healthy weight? It is possible! By not reducing the amount of food, but foods with low energy density food – even sweet sins are allowed

Eat Yourself always full and still lose weight. This actually works: The basic principle is: The food quantity must be large enough to fill you up, but may contain as little energy. The decisive factor saturation is above all the food quantity. Of foods with a low energy density – that is a low calorie content – they can really eat your fill and still lose weight!
Energy density pweight lossrinciple: developed in nutritional medicine

Nutrition experts from the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Munich Technical University have researched over many years at this energy density principle and obese patients successfully support while losing weight. Professor Volker Schusdziarra, Professor Johannes Erdmann and dietician Margit Hausmann evaluated thousands nutritional protocols of scientific and developed on this basis a method in which the human being with his own taste and his or her individual eating behavior at the center.

“I’ll take off” is an individual diet. No diet. Because diets work – if at all – only for a short time. “Taste” prescribed meal plans for most people is not easy. After a few days or weeks, the good intentions overboard and the person eats fly again, what and how much he wants.
No hunger, no waiver – no yo-yo effect

Who wants to lose weight in the long term, must be able to eat what he likes. And he has enough to eat continues to not even getting into the spiral of renunciation, hunger and yo-yo effect. This is achieved by high-calorie foods are replaced with low-calorie foods. It is important that the “light” alternatives taste so similar and the individual human being is still happy with his diet. Fries from the fryer you can exchange, for example by chips from the oven, a steak or fish fillet without breading has less than half as many calories and a chocolate pudding is a delicious low-calorie alternative to chocolate!

Glossary: The most important terms at a glance

Defines the pleasure of eating, in contrast to hunger, says the physical craving for food

Dietary fiber:
Indigestible vegetable fiber, especially abundant in whole grains and legumes. Saturating longer and help you lose weight

Belly fat, internal:
Fat that accumulates in the peritoneal cavity and is of particular concern for the health

Body Mass Index, to German: body mass index. Is calculated from height and weight. Is a reference value, whether a person is overweight or normal

Is the calorie content of a food on, is at the nutritional information on the packaging

Means in the original sense “of life / life”. Is now used to define a diet plan, mainly for the purposes of weight reduction

Usual synonym for -> Protein

Energy density:
Specifies the calorie content of a food per gram and is another name for -> condensing

A permanent change in diet can help you lose weight and avoids the -> yo-yo effect

One of the basic building blocks of the body. With 9 kcal / g especially energy-rich

Is the calorie consumption of the body at rest on, ie without exposure to movement

Defines the physical cravings for food

Unit of energy. The -> energy value of food is in kilojoules and – specify> kilocalories. 1 kilocalorie is a little over 4 kilojoules

Yo-yo effect:
Unwanted weight gain after dieting

Unit of energy. The energy value of food is in kilocalories and – specify> kilojoules

One of the basic building blocks of the body

One of the basic building blocks of the body. Consists of individual amino acids

Begins with a BMI value of 25 of obesity (obesity) is called from BMI 30